Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Winter 2011 - Florence, Italy


19th December 2011

Departed from Pisa Centrale to Firenze Santa Maria Novella Stazione (Florence).
Since it's a short distance journey (regional train - 1hour) so we didn't book our seats.

Florence is a small, beautiful city where you can take a tour by foot only

What's the meaning of Italy without leather.
Over here, hundreds of leather stalls and shops are waiting for you, with superb quality and affordable price!

Venetian Masks


Arno River


Buy your Italian souvenirs here, it's the cheapest! (for more choices of Venetian masks, Venice has a good offer)

For leather goods, as usual, haggling is recommended to get a good price.

We toured the city in four and a half hours only, if you have more time, spend a night over here. It's lovely :)